Hachette CEO Michael Pietsch to attend the SIBA Discovery Show

siba14 Discovery Show, Sept 19-21, Norfolk, VASIBA is pleased to announce that Hachette Book Group CEO Michael Pietsch will be joining James Patterson at the "Thanksgiving for James Patterson" Lunch on Saturday, September 20 at the SIBA Discovery Show in Norfolk, Virginia

The event, which features a full "Thanksgiving Dinner," was originally conceived as a way to thank James Patterson for his support of independent bookstores over the past year with his "Bookseller Pledge" to give $1,000,000 dollars in grants to independent stores in recognition of their unique and critical role in the book industry, the literary community, and to book lovers in general.

James Patterson"It was an amazing statement of commitment," said SIBA Executive Directory Wanda Jewell, who noted that a number of stores in the South had already benefited from Patterson's grant program--receiving money to fund everything from new carpeting in their children's sections to a school bus destined to become a bookmobile. "We wanted to express our gratitude for his support, and most of all for his acknowledgment of how important independent bookstores are to anyone who loves books."

That commitment to a wide variety of choice in the book industry received extra attention recently when negotiations between Hachette Book Group and Amazon.com broke down, resulting in Amazon delaying the shipment of many Hachette titles, including those by James Patterson. Hachette CEO Michael Pietsch has been at the forefront of this difficult battle.

Michael PietschJewell invited Pietsch to join in the "Thanksgiving Dinner" along with James Patterson. "I thought it would be a wonderful opportunity for our booksellers," she said. "Struggles between New York publishers and giant online retailers can seem very far away to the small town bookstore, but in the end, whether it is standing up for your business in a corporate boardroom or standing up for your shop at your local city council meeting, we are all passionate about the chance to bring new voices into print...we all love books and want the industry to stay vibrant and healthy."

For more information about the upcoming SIBA Discovery Show, visit sibaweb.com/trade-show.