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SIBA’s Web presence targets both the industry and consumer market. SIBA’s industry Web site,, provides important information for booksellers and the book industry about SIBA programs and services. We also run a consumer Web site, (aka which brings Southern literary news, book reviews, author interviews and book event information to readers, as well as producing an extensive calendar of author events at indie bookstores and hosting a speakers directory of southern authors. And finally, SIBA maintains banner ad space on the web sites of a number of its store members.

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The online home of SIBA is, one of the most active and interactive Web sites in the bookselling industry. The site regularly draws thousands of visitors each day, and has become a resource for both booksellers and other industry professionals for news and information about bookselling and publishing in the South. is the source for information about all of SIBA’s programs and services, the site to register for events and the annual Fall Trade Show, as well as a repository of useful materials collected and archived by booksellers.

Authors Round the (ARTS) is a site sponsored by SIBA which promotes Southern literature and author events at independent bookstores in the South. The ARTS calendar of author readings is the largest event listing of its kind for the region. ARTS is also the home of the Southern Independent Bestseller List and Lady Banks’ Commonplace Book, SIBA’s e-mail newsletter for people who love Southern literature. In 2008, ARTS launched STARS—the Southern Touring Authors Registry Service—a registry of authors willing to speak at book clubs and other venues. Unlike, ARTS is marketed directly to thousands of consumers, the people who are buying your books. Impression and click thru statistics are made available to all advertisers upon request.

Circle of Sites

Circle of Sites is a revolutionary new approach to coordinated marketing in the Southern independent bookstore market. Designed to reach both booksellers and their customers, the program allows publishers to place a banner ad simultaneously on independent bookstore websites across the South, thus offering region-wide exposure. The SIBA Circle of Sites pricing model is both affordable and effective. Pricing is based on the week the ads run, increasing as the year progresses.

Design Specs & Deadlines &

Banner Ad Sizes:
Horizontal (440x125) | Square (175x175)

Formats: jpg, gif, html, swf

Deadlines: 5 days before run date SIBA & ARTS banners run for thirty days and may be in rotation

Circle of Sites:

Banner Ad size: 440x125

Formats: jpg, gif

Deadline: 5 days before run date. Circle banners run for a week and are exclusive


I. Horizontal Banner (440x125 pixels) 
Available on SIBA and ARTS

Lady Banks' Commonplace Book

II. Square Banner (175x175 pixels)

Lady Banks' Commonplace Book


III. Circle Banner (440x125 pixels, 125x440 pixels)

Circle of Sites sample banner