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Novera Payment Solutions

SIBA has teamed up with Novera Payment Solutions, LLC (Novera) as our new provider for credit and debit card payment services. Novera represents WorldPay, one of Americas largest transaction providers. SIBA has selected Novera to guide members through the complicated world of payment processing . Novera delivers a unique combination of value, integrity and price transparency to SIBA members that is unparalleled throughout the payment processing industry. Their services can result in a significant reduction in your current payment processing fees via their innovative and transparent “Flat Fee Pricing”. Novera can also show members how to begin accepting credit and debit card payments directly from their smart phone or computer and has innovative tools to help grow your business through their gift and loyalty card programs. We hope you will welcome Novera with enthusiasm as a trusted partner of our association. For more information on Novera Payment Solutions and how they can help your business, visit them at .

Novera Newswire: The Top 3 Misconceptions when Selecting a Credit Card Processor 

Novera’s consultative approach allows us to thoroughly educate our clients, equipping them to better understand this complicated industry. Unfortunately, the payment processing industry has become increasingly confusing, and often small business owners are taken advantage of in this complexity. As a result, businesses everywhere overpay for this simple service by thousands of dollars per year. Novera’s transparent and innovative flat fee pricing is changing all of that.

icon Novera Newswire: The Top 3 Misconceptions when Selecting a Credit Card Processor