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Lady Banks' Commonplace Book is a newsletter for people interested in Southern literature, sponsored by booksellers who are members of SIBA. It is marketed directly to consumers -- your customers -- and is designed to drive customer traffic to your store and your website. Circulation is 3500+ and climbing.

SIBA publishes Lady Banks once a month. It is a compendium of information found on Authors 'Round the South, including bookstore events, author interviews, bookseller recommendations, and Southern literary news and gossip as narrated by her ladyship, the editor.

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"Lady Banks," of course, is the common name of a climbing rose (Rosa banksaie) that is ubiquitous throughout the South.

Commonplace books first appeared during the Renaissance, where they were used as a way to deal with the information overload of that era. They helped students select and organize tidbits of interest--medical advice, recipes, quotes, letters, poems, proverbs, prayers, legal formulas. Commonplaces were used by readers, writers and students, and each commonplace book was unique to its owner.