One Book at a Time - Feed a Hungry Mind!

7 Steps to creating your One Book at a Time program!

SIBA is partnering with the Family-to-Family poverty relief organization to support the One Book at a Time literacy project, which seeks to provide children living in poverty with books they would otherwise never have access to. One Book At a Time (OBAT) seeks to pair children living in poverty with donors who commit to sending their sponsored child a book a month for a year.

As part of the partnership, SIBA member bookstores will promote the literacy program to potential donors and sponsors, and provide reading lists and resources on their websites and with in-store displays for people who are interested in becoming involved in the program.    

Our goal is twofold: 1) To use the community klout of indie booksellers to increase the number of donors who will sponsor a child in the OBAT program. 2) To bring indie bookseller expertise into the process of choosing books for children in poverty.

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are interested in participating.


Step 1: Create a page for One Book at a Time on your website with an easy to remember address




Step 2: Add suggested books for donors to purchase.

It's all about getting books into the hands of kids who need them, and you are the go-to source for great recommendations. Feature your books front and center and use your recommendations in your email newsletters, on twitter, facebook etc.

Here's how Fiction Addiction organized their suggestions by age group

You can also use the Common Core Standards Title List



Step 3: Include information about the program and how to become a donor.

Side bar boxes are great ways to highlight important information about the program without having it interfer with the books you are featuring.

Here's a store personalized description about the program you can use:

One Book At A Time: Sponsor a Child with One Book a Month and Feed a Hungry Mind

When there’s not enough money in the house for food, buying your child a book is next to impossible. We here  at The_____________ (name of store) are thrilled to support Family-to-Family, Inc a national hunger and poverty relief organization's efforts to feed the "hungry minds" of children in need book at a time!

It works like this….Family-to-Family will match you to a child living in poverty in one of the many communities they serve, give you the child’s name, age and reading level and ask you to send your assigned child one new book, along with a letter, each month. 

They ask that you commit to the program for one year, sending a total of 12 books and 12 letters. (The child will be encouraged to write back to you.) You might think about asking your own children to help pick out each month’s book – something they have read and loved! If you’d like to send books each month for several children in one family, or if there is a particular aged child you would like to help, Family-to-Family will try to accommodate! 

We've made it fun and easy for you too!  Once you've signed up with Family-to-Family's One Book At A Time program, check back in with us for a list of recommended books we think your One Book child will love!  STORE LINK

We hope you'll join us and support Family-to-Family's One Book At A Time program because together.....we can make a real difference!

Join Family-to-Family's efforts: EMAIL This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your name and address. 


Step 4: Put a badge on your home page that links to your One Book Page. Make sure it is high up, "above the fold" so that people can see it.

Badge to link on your homepage:

Right-click to save the badge to your computer, then upload it to your website and place on your home page, linking the image to your own page of information and suggested title list

Feed a hungry mind!

Suggested copy for your home page:

The _________Book Store is proud to be a sponsor of Family-to-Family's One Book At A Time Program, a literacy program designed to get books into the hands of some of our nations poorest children. To learn more about this wonderful program please click on this link One Book At A Time (link to your own obat page) and join us!


Step 5: Promote your One Book page via twitter and facebook

Use the twitter hashtag #onebook and send SIBA links to store photos of displays


Step 6: Put up a display in your store. Check the resources section below for sample flyers and bookmarks you can customize and print out for your customers.

Customizable bookmark


Step 7: Consider becoming a donor yourself. It's a great way to talk to your customers about the books you are recommending

Links & Resources:

Customizable bookmark

Program link:

Family-to-Family logos:

Family-to Family Family-to-Family