October 2010


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#siba 10 by the numbers

Holiday Catalog Materials 

Call for SIBA Book Award Nominationss

 Be a Goober! Okra Picks Challenge

Georgia Unchained!

Does Google See You?

Free video for indie store sites

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Holiday Catalog Toolkit

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October 1 - February 14
nomination period for SIBA Book Awards

December 1 - January 31
nomination period for the Spring Okra Picks

Great Ideas from Booksellers

“To get our online friends into our real world store, we’re hosting a “Facebook Friends Day” that is only promote on our Facebook page. Facebook friends who come in that day get an extra discount.”

Sue Hamm, Island Books in Carolina Beach, NC

(from the Great Ideas Breakfast at #siba10)

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The Fall of the House of Zeus

The Fall of the House of Zeus

October 2010

Dearest booksellers,

We hope you are all still simmering with the great ideas you gleaned from this year's #siba10 trade show. To help you keep those good ideas percolating, this edition of SIBA eInk is packed with tools to help you make the most of the your favorite books, authors and other ideas from the show. Along the left you'll see some of the great ideas other booksellers shared at the Great Ideas Breakfast. Below, you'll find articles with links to free videos and author interviews you can use on your websites, links to shelf talkers and bookmarks that you can use to promote the books in the holiday catalog, a free guide on increasing your store's visibility on Google, and calls for nominations for the 2011 SIBA Book Award. (That's right, start nominating now, while you still have all those great books from the show fresh in your mind!)

Happy Holiday Bookselling!

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 #SIBA10 by the numbers

How many people came to the SIBA Trade Show? What did they have to say? Relive the show or “visit” for the first time at the #siba10 hashtag:

Join the…

  • 147 Bookstores
  • 145 Exhibiting Companies
  • 342 Booksellers
  • 324 Exhibitors
  • 127 Authors
  • 25 Bloggers/Media
  • 818 Total Attendance

…that were part of the show and bring their good ideas into your store.

Visit Wanda’s Wonderful Book Blog to read  what folks are saying about their #SIBA10 experience.

Also be sure to visit the Trade Show site at tradeshow.sibaweb.com  for:

  • videos of author interviews and seminars
  • a full list of authors, exhibitors and attendees at the show
  • the Books@SIBA catalog
  • candid shots of towel elephants and people in bed together!

The Holiday Catalog hits customers’ mailboxes this week!

OliviaBy now, stores that ordered the SIBA Holiday Catalog should have received their shipments, and the  catalog is finding its way into the hands of holiday shoppers across the South. To help you make the most of the catalog, SIBA has created the holiday catalog toolkit:


Which includes templates for bookmarks, signs and shelftalkers featuring this year’s popular catalog cover models, Dewey the library cat, and the irrepressible Olivia!

Also available are links to pdf and online versions of the entire catalog for your websites, and spreadsheet titles lists to help you keep track of your stock.

Special Offer:

The SIBA Book Award winners are featured in the holiday catalog, including Nonfiction Winner Rick Bragg’s The Most They Ever Had. Signed hardcover editions of this book are available from Baker & Taylor, or in case quantities at 50% discount from Page & Palette Bookstore. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details.

First call for SIBA Book Award nominations

By now, dear booksellers, you’ve been through most of the fall releases and you are stocking up  on all your favorite titles of the year for the holiday season.  Why not take a moment to nominate some of them for the 2011 SIBA Book Award?

The nomination form is here:

and you can encourage your customers to nominate books as well.
Remember, to be eligible the book must be southern, or written by a southern author, and it must have been published in 2010. (No reprints)
You can nominate in any of these categories: Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, Cooking, Children’s, Young Adult.

 At least be a Goober!

Okra PicksThe current list of Okra Picks has received such an enthusiastic response that it has prompted The Bermuda Onion Weblog to host an “Okra Picks Blog Challenge” between October 1 and March 30, 2011. You can sign up here at one of four levels (the easiest of which is “Goober”!):

Come on! Who doesn’t want to be a goober?

See who has accepted the Okra Picks Blog Challenge

Read more about the Okra Picks: http://www.sibaweb.com/home/okra

Download a poster here


Available from Ingram, 978-0-9825205-0-5

Play a sample puzzle online!

Ordering information and puzzle solutions here

Georgia, Unchained

Why is it when people go a rambling, they need to do it in a big blue bus?
The Moth radio show’s “Unchained Tour of Georgie” kicked off last week. A busload of storytellers, musicians, and all around vagabonds are travelling through the state visiting fourteen independent bookstores and singing songs and telling stories. It’s part of the “America Unchained” initiative first put forth by AMIBA, and you’ll recognize some of their stops:


SIBA Board member Emily Bell has been along for the ride

Follow The Unchained Tour of Georgia

America Unchained is November 20

This broad campaign is all about generating awareness for the vital economic impact local indies have on our economies -- at a critical time of year when personal spending spikes and the chains lobby heavily for those dollars.  Unchained mainly is a media and visibility campaign; participation is easy, and we help with lots of ideas and instruction.  We time this campaign to grab public and media attention right before the holiday whirlwind.  The power of visibility for your group cannot be over-stated -- it makes a big difference.  Click here to access information on Unchained and here for awareness-raising and visibility ideas to explore for the holidays.  As always, feel free to contact us with any questions!  Help us help you -- please let us know what your group has planned and the number you calculate (read the campaign information for explanation)  -- we use this information in our national press release and in talking with reporters.  They love to know what's going on locally!

Lady Banks' Pick of the Week!

Does Google see you?

One of the most popular sessions at #siba10 was Jack Heape’s workshop on increasing your website and business’s ranking with Google. Even when the session was done, Jack spent the rest of the weekend talking one on one with stores who wanted to put his advice into practice.

The handout Jack created for the session, Finding Your Place; How to Increase Your Bookstores Local Business Rankings in Google is available for SIBA members to download for free:

Social media and the internet are changing the way businesses operate. Learn the latest trends and the best tools to improve sales, customer relations, and publicity/branding. To help you understand these trends and what they mean to your bookstore, SIBA is featuring Internet Marketing Expert Jack Heape as a speaker at # SIBA10. Jack is the author of several books and hundreds of articles on the topic of internet marketing.

Free video for your websites

Independent America: Rising from Ruins Offered Free from Snagfilms.com & HRH Media

HRH Media, which produced both Independent America: The Two-Lane Search for Mom & Pop and Independent America: Rising From Ruins -- two great tools that have enhanced many of our collective public education efforts -- have partnered with Snagfilms.com to bring Rising From Ruins to a much larger audience for freeRising from the Ruins will be the featured film on Snagfilms for the next week, beginning tomorrow.  We're doing our part to help spread the word, and we hope you'll help.

Visit Snagfilms.com to snag the page link or the code to embed in your website, newsletter, or blog, or pass the link along through your social media tools.  (By the way, one of the people featured is John Besh, whose cookbook My New Orleans was a finalist for the 2010 SIBA Book Awards)

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