April 2010


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2010 SIBA Dues Due

2010 SIBA Book Award Finalists 

The Ultimate Road Trip!

 The Social Side of SIBA

Lady Banks'
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Interview with Leila Meacham

A Few Good Dates

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Mark Your Calendar!

Spring Book Show
Mar. 26-28

SIBA Trade Show
Sept. 24-26
Daytona, FL

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An Unfinished Score
Unfinished Score
(Unbridled Books)

Somebody Everybody Listens To
Eternal Ones/Somebody Everybody Listens To

Backseat Saints
Backseat Saints

Madonnas of Echo park
Madonnas of Echo Park
(Simon & Schuster)

Big Appetite

Big Appetite
(Simon & Schuster)


April 2010

SIBA 2010 Dues Due by May 1

SIBA Core Members have enjoyed a grace period through the end of this month. Please renew your dues today so as not to interrupt your SIBA services. Check this list of current members for your store. If your store does not appear, please pay your $150 dues online here or download a dues form here and mail it in OR this year only, SIBA is offering its new Circle of Sites Banner Ad Program. If you participate, it will count as your dues payment but we need the code up by May 1. A list of current core members who are participating in the Circle of Sites Banner Ad Program can be seen here.

So, pick one:

Pay Dues Online.

Download Dues Form.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

And a big thanks to all the stores who have already renewed their membership!

2010 SIBA Book Award Finalists Announced…here are the contenders!

SIBA will host the second annual Writers Block Auction in Daytona, Florida, and we hope to have a large preponderance of the nominees in attendance.  Thanks to all of you who returned your long ballot and took the time to vote for the SIBA Book Awards:

It’s a southern story. . .

He was known as Eli the Good, but he still had to Shiver when he saw The Secret World of Walter Anderson. “Scat!” he shooed the strange-looking cat, “A Good Mule is Hard to Find and there’s Hard Work to be done In The Sanctuary of Outcasts.”  It was The Most They Ever Had, but hey, You Can’t Drink All Day if You Don’t Start in the Morning. And Zeitoun always had A Quiet Belief in Angels to Help him resist that Devil’s Punchbowl. He was The Last Child to carry that Dead Weight down to the South of Broad, because The Lee Brothers might be Simple, Fresh Southern, but the Southern Farmer’s Market only made him dream more often of My New Orleans.

See the list of finalists!

The Ultimate Road Trip: An Ode to Garden and Gun and Southern Bookstores

By Kelly Justice, SIBA President, Fountain Bookstore Owner

I have this dream of the ultimate road trip. 

I'd start with a full tank of gas, my (mostly) trusty map application on my phone, and a couple of grand in cash to spend on books....and I'd head South.  This dream has been pretty vague until recently when I checked my mail slot and in it was the February/March issue of Garden and Gun.

Read more here

Available from Ingram, 978-0-9825205-0-5

Play a sample puzzle online!

The Social Side of SIBA 

Twitter birdSIBA recognized several years ago that one of the best ways it could help its members would be to actively reach out to readers—their customers—and promote our stores to their book clubs, libraries,, writing groups, coffee klatches, stitch-n-bitch sessions, etc.  And to actively reach out to publishers, authors, industry media and literary groups and organizations to let them know where our stores are and what they do. That mission was the reason behind the development of Authors Round the South (ARTS) and the Southern Traveling Authors Registration Service (STARS).  And it is the primary reason SIBA maintains an active and visible presence in the social networking sphere.

So what does SIBA do for stores through social networking?

  • We maintain both an industry-oriented (SIBA, Wanda Jewell) and consumer-oriented (ARTS, Lady Banks) presence in all the major social networking venues—Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, etc.
  • We tweet, retweet, follow, forward, friend and share literary news, events schedules and announcements. Everything posted to the ARTS calendar gets distributed to our fullest capacity.
  • We create, develop and maintain relationships with authors, publishers, and media  and forward information and news about our member stores to them.
  • We create, develop and maintains relationships with readers and people who love southern literature, and make sure they know about our member stores as a resource for great book recommendations.
  • We friend and follow all our members that we can find and pass along their news and announcements to our own collection of friends and followers.

If you aren’t doing so already, follow us at @SIndies and @ladybanks, or find us on Facebook.

Read more here (and if you tweet, check the list of stores to make sure we know about you!)

Lady Banks' Pick of the Week!

STAR WARS Scanimation Book

Leila MeachamLeila Meacham: Reinventing the Epic Saga
Author 2 Author Series

A conversation with Jackie K. Cooper

When you read Leila Meacham’s best selling novel Roses it is a little like stepping back in time. This seventy-one year old retired school teacher writes in the style and manner of an Edna Ferber or a Margaret Mitchell, but there is nothing old fashioned or out dated about the content of her book. She just writes a story that can best be classified as a sweeping saga that crosses several generations in relating the stories of a Texas family. It is a style we have not seen lately but it suits her and her story telling abilities. Read the full interview here

A Few Good Dates to Know

April 17 - Countdown to E-Free Day: http://news.bookweb.org/7427.html

April 22 - Earth Day Celebrates Forty:

April 28 - Bookseller Forum in Nashville:

SIBA Document Library Highlights Bookseller Welcome Kit

The SIBA Document Library is a great tool and provides content on tons of topics.  SIBA's Welcome Kit has been updated for 2010. It explains all of the benefits of membership in SIBA and describes the many programs to assist booksellers in being the best they can be.  Set aside some time and take a look.

The Welcome Kit (pdf)

Web Tool of the Month – http://www.skype.com/

make free calls and great value calls on the internet

SkypeYou get Skype.  Your friends get Skype.  You all talk, chat, and video call for free.  Nicki is in Wilmington.  I'm in Columbia.  Yet we can work together via Skype, sometimes for hours, we work in tandem, and not, all the while being able to see and talk about work issues that arise.  Authors can talk to booksellers or book clubs.  You can see your phone rep while you work up your order.  This is a great tool and good for so many uses.  Download it for free and get your account now.  Once downloaded, skype me at wandajewell - you won't believe how easy it is!

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