March 2010


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2010 SIBA Trade Show

Spring Book Show 

2010 SIBA Book Award Nominees 

 SIBA as Publisher?

Lady Banks'
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Savings from SIBA

Document Library Highlights

Call for Authors: Trade Show 2010

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Mark Your Calendar!

Spring Book Show
Mar. 26-28

SIBA Trade Show
Sept. 24-26
Daytona, FL

Coming Up on Circle of Sites

Love in Mid Air
Love in Mid Air

Tales from the 5th Street Gym
Tales from the 5th Street Gym
(University Press of Florida)

Yes My Darling Daughter
Yes, My Darling Daughter

Girl Who Chased the Moon
Girl Who Chased the Moon


March 2010

#SIBA10 is the Twitter hashtag for the SIBA Trade Show in Daytona!

2010 SIBA Trade Show registration now open! Invite your favorite vendors to the show.  Email them the paragraph below, and let them know how much you’d like to see them in Daytona in September.  Together, we’ll grow a great show!

It’s your lucky day! March is home to St. Patrick’s Day, and the luck of the Irish is with you if you can reserve your booth and register for the SIBA Trade Show online and this month only. SIBA is launching where all things trade show (including an online, virtual component) will be gathered. Exhibitors who register & purchase booth(s) online only and in the month of March will receive a free ad at our new site April 1 through the end of 2010 valued at $500. Specs will be sent once you complete your registration & booth reservations. Learn more at

More Luck coming your way. Attend the Spring Book Show in Atlanta – March 26 – 28.

Arrive early by Thursday evening and join us for the Southern Wing & A Prayer Tour with River Jordan and Shellie Tomlinson.  Friday morning, hear from presenter Stephanie Frost on Marketing Tips Unmasked for the Small Business followed by SIBA’s new Consultation Station – this is one half hour one-on-ones with SIBA Board Members and Staff on any topic you desire.  We can help find the answer if we don’t have the answer.  Hit the exhibits on Friday afternoon and learn more on Saturday morning from the American Booksellers Association at the Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance.  And then more bargain shopping in the Spring Book Show exhibits. Learn more at

2010 SIBA Book Award Long Ballot has been mailed…here are the contenders:

SIBA will host the second annual Writers Block Auction in Daytona, Florida, and these are the writers we hope to have in attendance.  We have had to collapse the Children & Young Adult titles into a single category for this year and the nominated poetry titles have been placed in Non-Fiction or Children/YA.  So even though we will not be giving these in 2010, we will leave the categories available for nominations going forward.  Either way, it is a great list.  Core members will soon receive their long ballot in the mail (one per store) and are asked to mail it back before the deadline.

SIBA as Publisher – Opportunities for bookstores to sell unique content

SIBA has published the Southern Indie Lit Crossword Puzzle Book.  This is a great combo for readers and puzzlers and collects ten years of SIBA Book Award Winners in one place.  The attractive price point of $9.95 and 50% discount to SIBA Bookstores only makes it an attractive title to have at point of sale.  Hear author Reeden Wright discuss her journey with the book at the South Carolina Book Festival.  Available from Ingram, 978-0-9825205-0-5, SRP $9.95

We are neck and neck with the Northern California Booksellers Association to be the next region to qualify to get our own regional reader.  But we need your stories. See more details and mock cover.

Lady Banks' Pick of the Week

Lady Banks’ Pick of the Week to Encourage Consumers to Buy the Circle of Sites Banner Ad Titles

SIBA is encouraged both by the number of indie bookstores that are participating in the Circle of Sites Program and the publishers that are stepping forward and buying ads and SIBA wants to do everything to ensure the success of this program.  So besides offering free dues to core members, creative, affordable pricing, and placement on the (ARTS) website, we have added a new component that makes this information more tweetable.  Going forward, the Circle of Sites ad is on every page of ARTS, and is designated as the Lady Banks’ Pick of the Week with a link to Free Book Stimulus Plan where consumers are encourage to buy the book and send the receipt in for a free book, and they are driven to a list of stores that are participating in the Circle of Sites Program to purchase the book.  Learn more at

More Luck and More Bucks: Savings from SIBA

Place Banner Ad Code on your website AND Get you 2010 SIBA Core Member Dues Waived!
read more!

Collect Your Co-op AND Get Your 2011 SIBA Core Member Dues Paid!
read more!

CloudProfile offers SIBA member discount AND gets your news out on the web! 
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SIBA Document Library Highlights Southern Indie Bestseller Lists

The SIBA Document Library is a great tool and provides content on tons of topics and the SIBA Bestseller Lists is one of them.  Set aside some time to take a look at some of this great info and tour the document library to find a time-saver.  Here’s on to print & post in store or on line & sell more books. Get the bestseller lists from the document library

Call for Authors for SIBA Trade Show 2010, Daytona, Florida – Sep. 24-26

The Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance invites exhibiting publishers to submit authors in consideration for special events to be held on Friday through Sunday, September 24-26, 2010. These programs will be held at the SIBA Trade Show in Daytona, FL. It is imperative that you have registered to exhibit at the SIBA Trade Show before authors can be considered.   Exhibit registration will open on March 1, 2010. 

More information here

Web Tool of the Month – searching free photos

Whether maintaining a website, distributing an email newsletter, writing a blog or twittering, pictures are worth…, well, you know.  And everystockphoto has searchable photos that are free to use.  You can have an account at everystockphoto, but it is not necessary for searching and using free pics…I had written a post about scary sites and searched “scary” after I had named the post – Short & Sweet & Scary – and loved the photo I found.  It was exactly short, at one-time sweet, and very scary!  I needed a paper clip, searched paper clip, and found the perfect paperclip -.  Need pictures of books?

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