The Great American Bargain Book Show--the sister show to the Spring Book Show in Atlanta--delivers a bit of "southern comfort" this year. A great line-up of educational sessions featuring some familiar faces and designed to help booksellers make the most of their bargain, remainder and used book inventory to maximize profits.

Bargain Books: "What I Buy & How I Use Them"
Wednesday - Aug 10   8:30-9:30 am, Room 110

How does one approach the exhibit floor?  Describe your criteria / decision process when buying?  Besides marking the books for sell in your shop, how else do you use them?  As incentives to buy newer books by the same author?  As a partner book with a new book on a given topic?  As prizes for store programs?  Presenters:  Janet Bollum, The Muse Book Shop, Deland, Florida; Jeff McCord, Bound to be Read Books, Atlanta, GA; Doug Robinson, Eagle Eye Bookstore, Atlanta, GA

Used Books: Buying, Pricing, Stocking & Shelving
Wednesday - Aug 10, 9:40-10:30 am, Room 110

How do used books get on your store shelves?  Do you buy from customers?  How do you price them, both to buy, and then to sell?  Where do you keep them before they get on the shelf?  How do you shelve them?  Have you tried different ways?  Does one seem to work better than another?  Is rotation and fresh product the answer? Presenters Jill Hendrix, Fiction Addiction, Greenville, SC; Jeff McCord, Bound to be Read Books, Atlanta, GA; Doug Robinson, Eagle Eye Bookstore, Atlanta, GA

Antiquarian Books:  "How to Spot Them & How to Sell Them"
Thursday - Aug 11, 9:00-10:00 am, Room 111

What's the difference between used & antiquarian?  Do you develop the customer first, and then find the antiquarian book?  Where do you find them?  What kind of research is involved?  How do you price them?  How do your customers know you have a given title?  What about book repair?  Presenter: Janet Bollum, The Muse Book Shop, Deland, Florida

All Seminars will be held in the Hynes Convention Center.

What Booksellers are Saying about  Remainder Shows

“I never miss the Spring Book Show in Atlanta because I need lots of great book bargains. There are 80+ vendors in one big room so I can shop and compare. I can thumb through the books I am considering ordering instead of looking at an image online or in a catalog. I can talk to and make deals with remainder dealers who would rarely visit my store, including dealers from Great Britain. I enjoy the show because it is very well run and organized. I can participate in the educational sessions provided by SIBA and Larry May’s Spring Book Show people. I get to see some of my fellow bookstore owner/operators.” -- Doug Robinson, Eagle Eye Books, Atlanta, GA

“This is a no-brainer for us -- we've had great success with selling discount books.  We've been going to the Spring Book Show every year since we opened our store because it's a great opportunity to shop all the remainder and bargain book dealers in one place.  We haven't always had good luck ordering titles from a catalog, and I like being at the show so I can pick up a book and really look at it to decide if it's something my customers will get excited about. My biggest problem is that there's always so MUCH great stuff that I want to bring it ALL home!” -- Jeff McCord, Bound To Be Read Books, Atlanta GA

“Do you need to increase your bottom line?  Are you looking for an inexpensive way to make a great display for the holidays or any other special occasion?  Is it time to restock those student classics?  Do you need to expand your religious section?   Would you like to enhance your civil war, local interest, or children's section? If you answered yes to any of these questions you need to attend GABB's August 10th and 11th at the Hynes convention Center in Boston. My answer to all of the above is yes.  See you there.” -- Janet Bollum, The Muse Book Shop, DeLand, Florida

"The Spring Book Show & GABBS are THE places to purchase bargain books and remainders. These items increase my store's profit margin while at the same time giving my customers lower-price options when they shop. In today's tough economic times, that's a win-win for everyone.”-- Jill Hendrix, Fiction Addiction, Greenville, SC
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