CloudProfile and SIBA

CloudProfile and SIBA

In order to help its members take advantage of the many opportunities offered by developments in social networking, SIBA has entered into a partnership with, a service specifically geared towards small businesses that is designed to maximize their visibility on the web and simplify their presence on social networking sites.

Cloud Profile acts as a portal that allows businesses to manage their social networking accounts, publish updates to services like Facebook and Twitter, as well as their own Web sites and blogs with a single click, and connect with potential and regular customers at all these sites.

A leader in what is being called “micro-site” services, Cloud Profile allows independent business people to stay active online even when they are on the job or on the sales floor—via web, cellphone, and even email.

Cloud Profile allows businesses to respond quickly to customers, showcase (and sell) products, upload photos, and post updates. It also has advanced search engine optimization, and will automatically submit business information to hundreds of online business directories.

SIBA recognizes that its booksellers would rather be talking about books than updating web sites. Cloud Profile is a service we think will help you do just that.

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