SIBA Announces the 2009 Fall Okra Picks

Order a side of Okra!  
SIBA Announces the 2009 Fall Okra Picks—great southern books, fresh off the vine.

Okra Picks(Columbia, SC)-Summer is winding down and the harvest is coming in and Southern Indie Booksellers have a selected a basket full of books for the Fall 2009 Okra Picks. Thirteen books made the final list, and include fiction, nonfiction, poetry, children’s and young adult titles.  All the books have the following things in common:  1) They are Southern in nature. 2) They are Fall 2009 releases and 3) There is a SIBA member Bookstore who is really excited about this book. Southern booksellers love their Southern authors!

The Okra Picks, Fall 2009 Edition:


A Quiet Belief in Angels by R.J. Ellory
Overlook Press, September 2009
9781590202500 $25.95 Fiction

A Separate Country by Robert Hicks
Grand Central Publishing, September 2009
9780446581646 $25.99 Fiction

Going Away Shoes by Jill McCorkle
Algonquin, September 2009
9781565126329 $19.95 Fiction

Rebel Yell: A Novel by Alice Randall
Bloomsbury, September 2009
9781596916685 $25.00 Fiction

The Better Part of Darkness by Kelly Gay
Pocket Books, November 2009
9781439109656 $7.99 Fiction

The Widow and the Tree by Sonny Brewer
MacAdam/Cage, October 2009
9781596923331 $23.00 Fiction

Travel Guide for Reckless Hearts by N.M. Kelby
Borealis Books, September 2009
9780873517676 $15.95 Fiction

Wyatt’s Revenge by H. Terrill Griffin
Oceanview Publishing, November 2009
9781933515533 $25.95 Fiction


Give My Poor Heart Ease by William Ferris
University of North Carolina,
November 2009
9780807833254 $35.00 Music

The Long Snapper: A Second Chance, a Super Bowl, a Lesson for Life by Jeffrey Marx
HarperOne, September 2009
9780061691393 $24.99 Biography

The Soul Tree: Poems and Photos of the Southern Appalachians by Laura Hope-Gill
Grateful Steps, September 2009
9781935130079 $49.95 

Children’s & Young Adult
Black Angels by Linda Beatrice Brown
Putnam, September 2009
9780399250309 $16.99 Juvenile Fiction

Secret World of Walter Anderson by Hester Bass
Candlewick, September 2009
9780763635831 $17.99 Childrens

Watch for more Okra Picks promotions.  There will be The Okra Picks Patch at  Lady Banks will introduce The Okra Picks to over 5000 consumer subscribers in the October issue.  Okra Pick titles will be highlighted on the Southern Indie Bestseller list. SIBA will post at marketing and promotional materials as part of an “Okra Picks toolkit” for booksellers to help them talk up these titles. 
For more information on the Okra Picks program, visit SIBA’s website at

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