For 2015/2016 ONLY, it will never happen again.

We are letting your B3 points roll over.
Keep up the momentum.
Also new, starting after #SIBA15, #OkraPicks will be part of B3!
Instead of SIBA credit, booksellers will receive 50 B3 points for reporting sales.

B3! Building Better Booksellers!

Southern BooksellerLet’s clarify this program so core members can get the greatest benefit and SIBA programs can enjoy greater growth. Participation earns points, and the more points accumulated, the greater the rewards. Members who are active enough can earn enough points to pay their dues, receive free meal tickets to the SIBA Discovery Show, and even free travel and hotel accommodations.

The goal of the program is to engage the Southern Bookselling Community and raise the visibility of Southern Indie Bookstores, and increase the value of investing in programs targeted towards Southern bookstores and their customers.

B3! Building Better Booksellers is made possible by the generous sponsorship of the Reba and Dave Williams Foundation for Literature and the Arts, which awarded SIBA a $40,000 grant at the beginning of 2015 in honor of SIBA’s 40th anniversary.


How do I track my rewards?
Your rewards points are visible in your SIBA profile when you log in to your account.  And logging into your account on a regular basis is important to keeping your points adding up.  The system we use automatically adds many of the points but cannot do that if it does not recognize you, and signing in regularly insures that they system recognizes you and assigns all the points you earn.

Do my staff earn their own rewards?
Your staff can certainly accrue points, and we encourage that.  But they do need to be a subaccount on your membership in the system and again, they must sign in regularly to insure recognition.  Regularly all points earned by store staff are applied to the SIBA Member Master Account.

What are the Reward Levels? And what rewards do we receive at each level?
As members participate, they accumulate points and earn badges. As they progress up the levels, the rewards become more valuable. Click here to see the list of levels and rewards

What do we do to earn points?
There are a number of things members can do to earn points, from very simple things like reading SIBA’s email to more complex things like creating a SIBA Book Award display at the SIBA Trade Show. You can see the current list of actions that will earn points here.

What happens at the end of the year?
Actually, after #SIBA16, the points are set back to zero on Oct. 1, and every SIBA after.  Since, we are using this engagement system to assist booksellers in getting to the show, we want to start rewarding points as soon as we can towards the next Discovery Show.  And it is our hope that renewing annually before the grace period is up will become more critical as stores will want to keep the points they have and not see an interruption in points accrued since only current members can earn points. But not this year!  This year points will roll over!

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