The 2010 Get in Bed Blog Project

Are you in bed?

Bookseller & Book Blogger in Bed Together

The 2010 Get in Bed Blog Project is a summer-long project that will consist of weekly challenges to move you closer to getting in bed with a blogger or bookseller.  Weekly, I’ll post an activity that will relate in some way to connecting book bloggers and booksellers. Each participant should spend the following week meeting the challenge.  Some posts will be a blogger tip, and some will be a bookseller tip.  We will begin next week.

If you choose to participate in this project, there is no obligation to participate in every challenge, and you can customize each challenge so it makes sense for your particular goals.  Think of the design (and this post, for that matter) as similar to Sophisticated Dorkiness’ Blog Improvement Project (where I got my inspiration) — participate when it makes sense for you.  This is a group effort, because getting better is always easier when you have a support system, but the ultimate commitment remains with you — do you want to get in bed with a blogger/bookseller before September 25, 2010?

A word of note — I am no expert.  I am not even a book blogger or a bookseller.  I read a lot of blogs about books and am interested in social media, and I do everything I can think of to market indie bookstores in the south.  One of the reasons I am hosting this project is because I want to support the “circle of books” – the connection between books, their readers and their writers.  I believe in support systems, and think this will be a fun way to get in bed & get better together.

Booksellers & book bloggers that would like to be listed as participants need only email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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