A bold new out-of-the-box concept, Trio seeks to celebrate the art in great storytelling.

It begins with a book. Then the book is given to both a songwriter and a visual artist. The artists are inspired as only a great book can inspire a person:  A song is written. A work of art is created. And a new Trio comes into being.

A new Trio will be announced each week via the Trio Facebook page. In September all the Trios will be installed as a part of an exhibit which will debut at the 40th anniversary of the Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance Discovery Show in Raleigh, NC. Then the exhibit will go on the road, traveling to museums, galleries, and literary events throughout following year in partnership with SIBA’s indie bookstores. The Trio exhibit will be a unique and creative literary event that invites community participation and excitement around the inspirational nature of great books.

The songwriters include Grammy winners and CMA award-winners. The visual artists are a diverse group from photographers to painters to sculptors to a Visual and Special Effects Director in feature films. The authors…could be yours.

There is only room for five more titles. The cost to the publisher to have a book in the exhibit is $2,999. In addition, the publisher should provide three copies of the book, in addition to any advance reader copies or galleys needed to get to the musician and artist in advance. Time is critical.

The Facebook page for Trio has been established and will feature one Trio a week until the debut of the project. Publishers should share and link to all social media feeds.

Here are the fifteen titles and their assigned musician and artist.

On the Water
On the Water (Lyons Press)

Guy de la Valdene, author 
Chris Clifton, songwriter 
J.R. Cook, artist

Tell the World You’re a Wildflower
Tell the World You’re a Wildflower (University of Alabama Press)
Jennifer Horne, author 
Mary Gauthier, songwriter 
Jennifer Nybloom, artist

Thelonious Rising
Thelonious Rising (Rivers Edge Media)

Judith Richards, author 
Ericson Holt, songwriter 
Beth Childs, artist

The World’s Largest Man
The World’s Largest Man (HarperCollins)

Harrison Scott Key, author 
Mac McAnally, songwriter 
Sloan Bibb, artist

I am a Town
I am a Town (Rivers Edge Media)

Shari Smith, author 
Tim Carter, songwriter 
Don Andrews, artist

Ava's Man
Ava’s Man (Vintage)

Rick Bragg, author 
Rodney Crowell, songwriter 
Bruce Larsen, artist

A Condition of Freedom
A Condition of Freedom (Rivers Edge Media)

Joe Formichella, author 
Ray Weaver, songwriter 
Amos Kennedy, artist

Chinaberry Sidewalks
Chinaberry Sidewalks (Vintage)

Rodney Crowell, author 
Will Kimbrough, songwriter 
Ray Martin, artist

This Side of the River
This Side of the River
Jeff Stayton, author
Eric Erdman, songwriter
Laura Brooks, artist

Pasture Art
Pasture Art (Hub City Press)

Marlin Barton, author
Marty Dodson, songwriter
Lucy Hunnicutt, artist

The Mullet Manifesto
The Mullet Manifesto (Rivers Edge Media)

Roger Pinckney, author 
Clay Mills, songwriter 
Josh Ashley, 

On the Water
 (Balzer + Bray)
Julie Murphy, author
Laci Wright, songwriter
Lila Graves, artist

Crooked Letter Crooked letter
Crooked Letter Crooked Letter (Harper Perennial)

Tom Franklin, author
Beth Nielson Chapman, songwriter
Erin Gregory, artist

In the Dark of the Moon
In the Dark of the Moon (Rivers Edge Media)

Suzanne Hudson, author 
Lisa Carver, songwriter 
Shelley Smith, artist

Black Man in a White Coat
Black Man in a White Coat (Picador)

Damon Tweedy, author
Timothy Scott Williams, songwriter
Grayson Gavras, artist

Miss Hazel and the Rosa Parks League
Miss Hazel and the Rosa Parks League
(Maiden Lane Press)
Jonathan Odell, author
Songwriter, Robert Cross
Kelley Lyons, artist

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