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We have the catalog inserted in our local newspaper where it reaches 25,000 subscribers. It has worked as a fantastic marketing tool bringing in new customers. Interestly, when our regular customers receive the catalog in the newspaper, they remember it as coming in the mail, as we used to mail out. --Deal Safrit, Literary Bookpost, Salisbury, NC

Fathomless is part of Jackson Pearce’s shelf of fairy tale retellings, and is one of her best works so far. A modern day spin on the Little Mermaid, this book would be a great gift for any fan of the mega-popular YA genre right now. Here we’ve got fantasy/fable creatures, supernatural gifts and of course a bit of love, making it the perfect combination for our Twilight, Vampire Academy (etc.) fans! This book has already sold millions of copies and is a safe bet if you’re looking for an ‘under the tree’, special read! If this book sounds right for someone on your gift list, you should consider buying them a Fairytale Retellings set, which includes three other novels based on the classic stories, Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel, and The Snow Queen.