34 Pieces of You

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34 Pieces of You34 Pieces of You
34 Pieces of You, is a page turning mystery that would make a great Christmas gift for YA fans of books like The Fault in Our Stars, Skinny or If I Stay. A bit on the heavier side, the book is about a girl, Ellie, who dies from an overdose and how it affects her 3 best friends afterward.  Ellie was a daring, charismatic, broken young girl and after she dies her best friends find a box with 34 clues, 34 strips of paper hidden in a box beneath her bed, which hold the secrets of a brief and painful life. This book sheds light into the, often hidden, struggles of a teenager’s life. It does a good job of showing how important it is for friends to pay attention and how important it is to take certain things seriously. It also shows how dangerous drugs can be, and is also an entertaining book that has been well received within the YA genre.