STARSThe Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance (SIBA) is pleased to announce the opening of the Southern Traveling Authors Registration Service (STARS).  STARS is a part of the Authors 'Round the South website, and operates as a speakers bureau, managed by SIBA and geared specifically towards bringing authors to Southern independent bookstores and their customers. 

How does it work?

STARS introduces authors to booksellers: One of the most common questions SIBA receives from its bookstore members is how to find authors for store events. And one of the most common questions it receives from publishers is how to place authors in bookstores. STARS was created to answer both requests.  With STARS, authors can easily reach booksellers who are interested in their books. And booksellers have a resource to find authors interested in their stores.

Authors who are traveling in the South and want to make the most of their travel plans by scheduling events while on the road can list their upcoming trips on their STARS profile page.  Each time they enter a trip on STARS, an announcement is sent to close by SIBA stores, notifying booksellers that the author will be in the area and is available for events, speaking engagements, book club discussions, etc.  Booksellers interesting in having the author for an event can log on to the STARS site to see specific information about the author, including descriptions of their books, links to their websites, blogs, newsletters and online press kits, and publicity contact information.

Booksellers, in addition to using the STARS list to augment their own event schedules, can also promote the list as a resource for their customers, and to their community.  Schools, libraries, book clubs, and civic groups, among others, can find potential speakers, presenters and workshop leaders on the STARS list.  All speaker and event requests are then brokered by SIBA via the closest available independent bookstore. In this way STARS helps to build relationships between authors, booksellers, and the greater community.

Scheduled events are then listed by booksellers on the ARTS calendar, which is distributed by SIBA weekly to media across the South along with the Southern Indie Bestseller List and which is promoted in their popular monthly newsletter for Southern Literature, Lady Banks' Commonplace Book.

Who can use STARS?

The STARS list can be used by anyone as a resource for finding writers: Book clubs, libraries, schools, arts organizations and bookstores are all encouraged to make STARS their first stop when seeking speakers and presenters for programs and events. All requests, however, will be brokered by an independent bookstore in the area.

Who can list on STARS?

Authors:  Any author with a book in print can sign up for STARS and being listing their trips.  The site lists both the city and town the author travels from, and the locations he/she is traveling to.  Authors do not need to live in SIBA territory to use STARS, but the only trips they can list are those within SIBA territory (AL, AR, GA, FL, LA, MS, NC, SC, TN, KY, VA).

Publishers:  Publishers and publicity departments who are members of SIBA automatically receive listing privileges for all their authors for the year their book is being promoted. After a year, authors are encouraged to maintain their SIBA membership via SIBA’s Free membership for Authors offer.
Literary Organizations:  Writers' and Literary Organizations who are members of SIBA receive the same listing privileges as Publishers. They can maintain STARS pages on behalf of their members, or allow their members to create and maintain their own pages.

What does it cost?

Listing on STARS is not open to the public. You must be a member of SIBA or affiliated with a SIBA member (for example, through your publisher) to participate, and you must have a book in print, or soon to be published. 

How do you sign up? 

First, join SIBA as an Industry Member! You can join online via our secure website here:  (click on the “Industry Membership” link)
Write "STARS Author" in the comments field. Once your membership has been completed, we will send you the link to create your own STARS account.  You can also email us with your online membership confirmation number and we will send you the link immediately.  If you believe your publisher is a member of SIBA, please send your publisher information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will confirm whether or not you are eligible to participate in STARS on behalf of your publishing house.

If you are an individual author, you can also join SIBA for FREE by becoming one of our "Friends of Indies" authors and posting one of our badges on the homepage of your website that links back to our list of Southern Indie bookstores. Click here for more information.

Then, create your STARS account: Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. that you are interested in having a STARS listing, and SIBA will turn on your access to create an author profile in the system.  Your STARS profile will be listed on the site and become part of the searchable directory promoted to bookstores, book clubs, libraries, schools and other civic groups.