Lady Banks' Commonplace Book

Lady Banks’ Commonplace Book is SIBA’s primary push vehicle for marketing directly to consumers. A newsletter for people interested in Southern literature, sponsored by booksellers who are members of SIBA and featuring an overview of literary news and events as found on Authors ‘Round the South, Lady Banks reaches over 10,000 readers--the people who are buying your books. Impression and click thru statistics are made available to all advertisers upon requests.

Commonplace books first appeared during the Renaissance, where they were used as a way to deal the information overload of that era. They helped students select and organize tidbits of interest--medical recipes, quotes, letters, poems, proverbs, prayers, legal formulas. Lady Banks’ compendium of literary events, news, reviews, gossip and other miscellany attracts a wide audience of curious and adventurous readers, united by their love of all things Southern.

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Advertising Opportunities for Lady Banks

Lady Banks Bookshelf

Lady Banks Bookshelf has been in place for several years now but it is getting spruced up via our Authors Round the South Facebook page.  SIBA has diligently increased our presence on Facebook via marketing and advertising to the point where we have nearly 5000 fans and an influence reach of nearly 2 million.  The income from this re-launched Lady Banks Bookshelf will be used to extend the reach of your title to more and more readers.  Purchasing placement on Lady Banks Bookshelf insures a far-reaching multi-impression effort for your book.  Here is where Lady Banks reveals her shelf:

  • At the top of our weekly email newsletter Lady Banks’ Commonplace Book, directing consumers to buy links found at LBB web page at Authors ‘Round the South
  • Above the fold on the home page at Authors ‘Round the South
  • Archived and visible at LBB web page at Authors ‘Round the South with buy links
  • Promoted on the cover image of the ARTS Facebook page with top pin preference to LBB web page with buy links

Lady Banks Banners 

Lady BanksBanner ads are available on the Lady Banks newsletter, spaced periodically through each edition (see right for sample of the #1 and #2 spots). Placement is top to bottom, first-come, first serve.

Banners on Lady Banks are exclusive and do not share space with any other listing. Unlike Bookshelf listings, a banner can be linked to any URL except online competitors of independent bookstores. Banners are 440x125, the same size as banners on,, and Circle of Sites, and can be coordinated with all those options for a comprehensive campaign.

Ad runs week one for $299.
Add second week at $199.
Add third week for $99.
Add fourth week for $49.
Fifth week is free.

Total cost for five week run is:  $646

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