Code Read

Code ReadSIBA introduces Code Read

Just how effective is your online social networking marketing? Is there a way to tell how well you are reaching your customers? Can a tweet at the right time and a facebook post in the right place really drive real world traffic into your store?

To answer these questions, SIBA has teamed up with partner publishers to launch “Code Read” -- a marketing initiative designed to gauge the effectiveness of social networking promotions for SIBA member bookstores and to encourage real foot traffic in their shops.

What is Code Read?

“Code Read!” is a call to action and hashtag targeting book buyers and promoted in social network communities over a specified period of time. The call to action is always to visit a SIBA bookstore and mention the promotion in order to receive a gift or incentive.

What do Publishers do?

When a publisher participates in Code Read they agree to provide each participating bookstore a dozen extras to be given to the first 12 consumers who purchase a specified book from the bookstore in a specified time period promoted by the “Code Read!” call and hashtag, via the bookstore itself, as well as via SIBA through its many social networking accounts including the Authors "Round the South Facebook page.

What do Bookstores do?

When a store participates in Code Read, they agree to purchase a dozen copies of the designated titles and hold them with the dozen extras for the Code Read call.  Stores will be notified in advance the date, time, and content of the call which they will also promote through their social networks as a Code Read Store, using the Code Read call and hashtag.

SIBA will recruit the stores and publishers starting with a dozen stores and adding new ones as they apply.  The application will include ordering the books, holding back the books and the items for the Code Read event and promoting the Code Read event thru their social networking efforts.

On a given day, the Code Read offer is announced and consumers are sent to stores in a given time frame and the first dozen to purchase the book get the gift.  The closer to the onsale date the better.  Once the time frame has passed, bookstores are free to do with the books and the associated items as they see fit.

icon Download the Code Read Bookstore Agreement

What does SIBA do?

SIBA negotiates with publishers for Code Read promotions, and initiates each Code Read call from its Facebook page for Authors Round the South.