The Revivals are SIBA's way of taking the education offered at the SIBA Tradeshow and Spring Book Show on the road. Four to six times each year, usually in the spring, SIBA hosts a get-together at participating member bookstores throughout the South. These "Revivals" last about four hours, and are usually devoted to a theme or topic. Some of the topics covered in the past have been:

  • How to Get Authors for Events
  • Effective Publicity
  • Inventory Management
  • Creating a "Buy Local" movement
  • Websites, Blogs, and Email Marketing
Any member bookstore can host a revival. Bookstores often use the revival not only to share information and their own expertise, but to get feedback on their own store layout and programs. Lunch is provided by SIBA and SIBA also often can arrange to have an author come for the meal to talk about books. Time is also made for booksellers to exchange information and ideas among themselves.