The Peer Brain Trust

On the theory that there is no need to reinvent the wheel, SIBA created The Peer Brain Trust as an archive of useful forms and papers for its members. The Document Library contains sample forms, letters, signs adn templates free for use in your store. Most of the available documents were submitted by fellow SIBA booksellers, who have field-tested them in their own business operations. Others are handouts from some of SIBA's many educational seminars. Every file is available for members to alter to fit the needs of their store. Files are copyright-free unless otherwise specified and include such things as:

  • coop claim forms
  • policy letters for self-published authors
  • forms for tracking book clubs
  • employee timesheets
  • bookmarks
  • shelf talkers
  • budget workbook spreadsheets

Documents are all in either MSWord, PDF or Excel formats, and specific items can be converted to other formats on request.

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