Shipping Program from Freight Management Systems

SIBA has partnered with Freight Management Systems to offer to members in good standing discounted shipping rates. The program offers significant discounts with many major carriers, including ABF, American Freightways, Central Transport, Clipper, Old Dominion, Overnite Transport, SAIA, Roadway and Wilson.

Freight Management Systems is pleased to offer the following proposal based on your stated shipping criteria. This is a non-binding proposal and may be discontinued at any time by either party. For pricing to be in effect, a credit application must be filled out and returned to the FMS office.

  • ABF 65% Discount
  • American Freightways 65% Discount
  • Central Transport 65% Discount
  • Clipper 65% Discount
  • Old Dominion 65% Discount
  • Overnite Transport 65% Discount
  • SAIA 65% Discount
  • Roadway 63% Discount
  • Wilson 65% Discount
  • Canadian/Mexican Shipments 60% Discount (With select carriers)

International shipments and volume shipments will be quoted on a flat rate basis.

Shipments (150 Ibs. or more) may qualify for the UPS less-than-pallet-load (LPL) program through Freight Management Systems.

Freight Management Systems
3517 Neal Dr
Knoxville, TN 37918
(865) 922-7491
(865) 922-7292 (Fax)

Please ask for Larry May