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SIBA knows the story, whether you’re an established author with a large following or a first-time author trying to build your audience. SIBA’s extensive and affordable marketing and education programs, newsletters and websites featuring Southern literary news and updates, and the Southern Traveling Authors Registration Service give SIBA members instant entrée into the South’s legendary literary scene.


  • Connect your work to SIBA’s network of Southern independent booksellers, expand your reach, and grow your audience.
  • STARS (Southern Traveling Authors Registration Service): where writer meet venues, and venues discover writers.
  • Lady Banks’ Bookshelf features the best and liveliest Southern books on AuthorsRoundTheSouth.com (ARTS) and delivered to thousands of Lady Banks Commonplace Book newsletter subscribers.
  • Marketing and advertising opportunities for independent authors.
  • AuthorsRoundTheSouth.com (ARTS): an updated bookseller directory plus reader-focused news, interviews, and recommendations.
  • Free membership offer for authors!

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