SIBA BLAST E-MAIL: Reach over 600 bookstores with the SIBA Blast; an e-mail announcement sent out on your behalf from SIBA. SIBA Blast e-mails go out approximately two weeks after they are received to every bookstore in SIBA's database.

SIBA's eBlasts are one of the most effective ways to reach SIBA Bookstores with your message. Because an eBlast is dedicated to your product, you are not competing with any other ad or information. And because eblasts can be scheduled at your discretion, you can time your eBlast to be sent when it will have the most impact for you, making it easy to coordinate with other marketing initiative.

eBlasts also offer near print-quality design flexibility.  Allowing for the usual limitations of email, an eBlast ad gives you more space to make a visual impact than any other type of electronic advertising. You can see examples of eBlast advertisements below.


All eBlast ads should be submitted as attachments via email in .gif, .jpg or .html format.  Flash and pdf formats are not allowed, nor are animated gif files.  If you submit an html file, you should make sure that all directory paths to links, images and stylesheets are absolute, not relative.  SIBA reserves the right to redesign submissions that do not meet these requirements. 

image size: eBlasts should be a maximum of 600 pixels wide. They may be any length. (SIBA recommends a length of no more than 800 pixels)

image format: .gif, .jpg, .html

other specifications: All eBlast submissions should be sent as attachments, and the non-formatted text copy of the ad included in the body of the email.  SIBA provides "plain text" versions of all eBlast ads for recipients who don't allow html or images in their email.

Sample eBlasts:


Sample eBlast I


Sample eBlast II


Sample eBlast III

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