Email Marketing
SIBA’s enhanced web and email presence reaches thousands of booksellers, book lovers and industry professionals. Email announcements reach thousands of subscribers. SIBA-sponsored websites are visited by thousands of browsers every day. A coordinated campaign using website and email advertising can help generate that all-important word-of-mouth buzz necessary to the success of any book or product. SIBA sponsors three highly trafficked sites and produces two email newsletters with both high circulation and high open- and click-rates, which can be provided to advertisers upon request.


Lady Banks Bookshelf on Facebook

Lady Banks Bookshelf has been in place for several years now but it is getting spruced up via our Authors Round the South Facebook page.  SIBA has diligently increased our presence on Facebook via marketing and advertising to the point where we have nearly 5000 fans and an influence reach of nearly 2 million.  The income from this re-launched Lady Banks Bookshelf will be used to extend the reach of your title to more and more readers.  Purchasing placement on Lady Banks Bookshelf insures a far-reaching multi-impression effort for your book.  Here is where Lady Banks reveals her shelf:

  • Promoted on the cover image of the ARTS Facebook page with top pin preference to LBB web page with buy links
  • At the top of our weekly email newsletter Lady Banks’ Commonplace Book, directing consumers to buy links found at LBB web page at Authors ‘Round the South
  • Above the fold on the home page at Authors ‘Round the South
  • Archived and visible at LBB web page at Authors ‘Round the South with buy links