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The Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance is a trade association which represents booksellers in the 11 southern states. We have a growing membership of nearly 300 bookstores and have annual contact with over 2000 people industry-wide. Each of our publications offers the opportunity to create an ongoing impression upon the southern bookselling community. Ads must be placed in black & white. Any line screen is acceptable.

Holiday Catalog


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The SIBA Newsletter is a bimonthly publication that reaches SIBA bookseller. Each issue is designed as a booksellers “toolkit” appropriate to the season--with reproducible marketing materials, forms, signage, fliers and other items that stores can use in displays or in promotional campaigns. Electronic versions are also available for booksellers to bring to their local print shops. Each toolkit contains specially-designed templates for booksellers to adapt to their own needs and specifi cations. Aside from the standard print advertising options of full- half- or quarter-page ads, Publishers may also choose to sponsor an entire toolkit.

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Schedule of Toolkit Themes:

April/May: SIBA Book Awards
June/July: Buy Local
August/September: Tradeshow
October/November: Holiday Catalog
December/January: Book Clubs
February/March: Events

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