ABDebs Books & Gifts, Knightdale, N.C.

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Bookselling This Week profiles ABDebs Books & Gifts, Knightdale, N.C., which Alyce Boyd-Stewart, a retired civil rights lawyer, opened in March.

The store had an amusing beginning, according to BTW: "In 2005, both Boyd-Stewart and her husband, Edward Stewart, were at home trying to enjoy their retirement. 'We were sitting around doing nothing,' said Boyd-Stewart. 'And I said, "I'm opening up a bookstore." My husband said, "You're nuts," as usual. And I ignored him . . . as usual.'"

The 900-sq.-ft. store stocks 12,000 books, and there is additional space for a community center. The store's major areas include a "young folks" section, history, classics, poetry, humor, biography, health, history, African-American literature and fiction.