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It’s that time again to pick the bookseller leaders that will move SIBA forward.  SIBA’s Board Members are a hard-working bunch.  Serving on the SIBA Board is both rewarding and enlightening.  Consider someone today for a board position.  Self-nominations are encouraged.  Anyone can nominate.  Candidates must be from a SIBA core member in good standing.  SIBA functions under The Carver Method. Take a look at Policy #12 – Board Job Description and Policy #16 - Board Member’ Code of Conduct for more information.

Board members do not get paid for service but all expenses incurred are covered by the organization.  The position requires attendance at 3 board meetings annually plus a Carver training session and adequate preparation for all meetings is also required.  The board seeks persons from the core membership taking into account the following:  relevant Policy Governance skills (including the ability to work within group decisions, to use conceptual categories of Ends and Means, to judge performance only against previously stated expectations), relevant industry skills and knowledge, geography, and store size.

SIBA’s current Board members will assess interest among potential candidates.  A slate will be determined from the potential candidates by the Board of Directors and presented for vote by the membership before the Fall Trade Show.

Deadline for nominations is April 20.

Click here to nominate a candidate to the SIBA Board.