toolkits ( 114 Files )

Until March of 2008, the SIBA newsletter, SIBA Ink!, carried information about the organization, new programs and initiatives, upgraded services and news about the industry and membership.  In April 2008 SIBA "reinvented" the newsletter to become a marketing toolkit for its members.

siba ( 133 Files )

Check here for SIBA-related documents, newsletters, handouts and forms. (Bookstores must log in to view other categories of documents).

signage ( 32 Files )

useful signage and marketing pieces

business ( 23 Files )

Documents of use in the day to day running of your store.

events ( 13 Files )

forms for organizing and managing events
book clubs

book clubs ( 2 Files )

useful tools for managing book clubs
banned books

banned books ( 4 Files )

support materials for Banned Books week

authors ( 7 Files )

Useful forms for dealing with authors, both local and otherwise.

buylocal ( 8 Files )

Signs, posters, reports, fliers, statistics, bumper stickers and other items promoting independent businesses and Buy Local campaigns.