The Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance is the largest organization of independent booksellers in the South, and one of the largest trade organizations of its kind in the country. The benefits and services available to members of SIBA have all been carefully evaluated to ensure that it fulfills two goals: 1) that the program or service will help SIBA’s core bookstore members become better, more profitable businesses, and 2) that the program or service will help them sell more books and raise their visibility in their communities.

The beauty of independent bookstores is that they are independent. SIBA recognizes that every store faces its own challenges and has its own needs. Some stores are looking for ways to increase their visibility in their community. Some stores would like help minimizing expenses. Some are looking for authors and event opportunities, while others would like information on coop. SIBA's wide range of benefits offers something for every store, no matter how large or small, no matter how different their priorities.

SIBA Helps You Sell More Books!
Marketing Programs for SIBA Members

SIBA’s marketing initiatives are designed to extend the shelf life of favorite Southern books, allowing bookstores to sell more copies over a longer period. SIBA provides bookstores with professional-quality materials and a comprehensive publicity campaign to generate word-of-mouth buzz among the media, the book industry, and among readers.


Educational Programs
Getting the most out of SIBA

One of SIBA’s primary goals is to help its members becomes better, more profitable businesses. To that end, SIBA sponsors a number of educational sessions for its members throughout the year, making an effort to bring at least one such opportunity to each part of its territory every year. Topics vary based on requests from members and availability of speakers. Most of SIBA’s educational programming is hosted free of charge for its core bookstore members.


SIBA Online

Independent Bookselling in the Information Age

SIBA understands that the Internet isn’t just for people who separated geographically to connect in one “place” according to specific interests. Nor is it simply a giant shopping mall. It can also bring together geographically contained communities like neighborhoods and towns. Bookstores, while eager to adapt and embrace new technologies, often do not possess the skills or resources to make the most of the Internet’s potential. So SIBA has developed a series of tools and applications to help its members make the best use of the Internet for their businesses— both by providing simple and inexpensive tools like website directory pages, online discussion forums and free blog hosting services—and by working actively to promote its members on are various high profile sites like MySpace, Library Thing, etc. In addition, SIBA hosts its own online literary sites, integrating its own marketing and advertising programs with the promotion of its independent bookstores members.

SIBA Puts You In Touch with Your Peers
Building a Community of Booksellers

SIBA is dedicated to providing its members with opportunities to network and share information. It does this via its programming—giving space for SIBA members to convene during trade shows and workshops,and in its regular communications with its membership and the book industry at large. SIBA also hosts a variety of forums where booksellers can communicate directly with each other.


SIBA Saves You Time and Money
Business Services for SIBA Members

As a trade organization SIBA uses its collective bargaining power on behalf of its members to negotiate for special terms with other businesses and service providers to give SIBA members special and competitive rates. Members can take part in these special offers as they see fit. SIBA also uses its resources to provide some basic business services it has identified as being of use to its members.Simple websites and online networking, facilitating the sharing of resources, acting as an archive of useful business forms and letters…the organization works hard to help its members become more efficient businesses without having to reinvent the wheel.

Shipping Program from Freight Management Systems
SIBA has partnered with Freight Management Systems to offer to members in good standing discounted shipping rates. The program offers international shipments and volume shipment significant discounts with many major carriers, including ABF, American Freightways, Central Transport, Clipper, Old Dominion, Overnite Transport, SAIA, Roadway and Wilson. Discounts are also available for Canadian/Mexican Shipments (With select carriers) and international shipments and volume shipments will be quoted on a flat rate basis. Shipments (150 Ibs. or more) may qualify for the UPS less-than-pallet-load (LPL) program through Freight Management Systems. Full details are on the SIBA website at

Customer Loyalty Program from Capture Systems
Capture Systems Customer Loyalty Program and Credit Card Processing Service can reduce your credit card processing fees with special SIBA member pricing. It is six times more expensive to obtain a new customer than it is to retain one. Capture Systems is working with SIBA to offer members a true benefit through their association. Capture provides programs designed to increase average tickets, drive margins higher and produce greater profits. Capture Systems offers the ability to not only track spending of your customers but also reward the for purchases, all through the existing expense of credit card processing. Imagine being able to send a customer a happy birthday email or reward them for buying books all year with a gift card. It is all possible with Capture’s loyalty programs. Capture is also helping SIBA members reduce their costs with National Account Pricing on credit card processing and will conduct a free analysis for SIBA members.Capture was founded to bridge the gap between the capabilities and the commitments of large service providers and the reality of what is delivered. Capture’s strength lies in its relationships with associations created in order to better serve their members. To learn more about Capture Systems and our SIBA loyalty and processing program, please call (800) 5370338 ext. 305. Full details are on the SIBA website at

The Document Library
On the theory that there is no need to reinvent the wheel, SIBA created The Document Library as an archive of useful forms and papers for its members. The Document Library contains dozens of sample forms, letters, signs and templates free for use in your store. Most of the available documents were submitted by fellow SIBA booksellers, who have field-tested them in their own business operations. Others are handouts from some of SIBA’s many educational seminars. Every file is available for members to alter to fit the needs of their own store. Files are copyright-free and include such things as coop claim forms, policy letters for self-published authors, forms for tracking book club members and orders, personnel time sheets, book marks, shelf talkers, and other kinds of store signage. There are even budget spreadsheets which can be adapted to the needs of your store.
Documents are all in MSWord, PDF, or Excel formats, and specific documents can be converted to other formats on request.

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