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SIBA Online

Independent Bookselling in the Information Age

SIBA understands that the Internet isn’t just for people who separated geographically to connect in one “place” according to specific interests. Nor is it simply a giant shopping mall. It can also bring together geographically contained communities like neighborhoods and towns. Bookstores, while eager to adapt and embrace new technologies, often do not possess the skills or resources to make the most of the Internet’s potential. So SIBA has developed a series of tools and applications to help its members make the best use of the Internet for their businesses— both by providing simple and inexpensive tools like website directory pages, online discussion forums and free blog hosting services—and by working actively to promote its members on are various high profile sites like MySpace, Library Thing, etc. In addition, SIBA hosts its own online literary sites, integrating its own marketing and advertising programs with the promotion of its independent bookstores members.

  • Authors ‘Round the South
    SIBA created Authors Round the South--ARTS—to be the site to find your favoritewriters at your favorite bookstores. With the participation of bookstores The ARTS calendaris the most complete collection of book signings, author appearences, book festivals and literary events associated with independent bookstores. ARTS is sponsored by the Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance, an organization of over 300 independent booksellers across the South, from Florida to Kentucky to Virginia. carries southern literary news, book recomendations by SIBA booksellers, an archive of the Southern Indie Bestseller List, back issues of Lady Banks’ Commonplace book, as well as author news and interviews, links to bookseller blogs and other sites of interest to people who love Southern literature.
  • Lady Banks’ Commonplace Book
    Lady Banks’ Commonplace Book is a newsletter for people interested in Southern literature, sponsored by booksellers who are members of the Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance (SIBA).
    “Lady Banks,” of course, is the name common name of a climbing rose (Rosa banksaie) that is ubiquitous throughout the South. Commonplace books first appeared during the Renaissance, where they were used as a way to deal the information overload of that era. Th eyhelped students select and organize tidbits of interest--medical recipes, quotes, letters, poems, proverbs, prayers, legal formulas. Commonplaces were used by readers, writers and students, and each commonplace book was unique to its owner. SIBA publishes the Lady Banks’ Commonplace Book email newsletter once a month. It is a compendium of information found on the Authors ‘Round the South website, including book events, author interviews, literary news and “gossip” as narrated by her ladyship, the editor.
  • Other Online Services: Listserv, Websites, & Blogs
    SIBA runs an online discussion group on Yahoo! for members to exchange information and seek advice. The organization will also provide a free simple website to its members and host free blogs for any interested bookseller. See more detailed information under “Business Services for SIBA members.”