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Educational Programs
Getting the most out of SIBA

One of SIBA’s primary goals is to help its members becomes better, more profitable businesses. To that end, SIBA sponsors a number of educational sessions for its members throughout the year, making an effort to bring at least one such opportunity to each part of its territory every year. Topics vary based on requests from members and availability of speakers. Most of SIBA’s educational programming is hosted free of charge for its core bookstore members.

  • SIBA Trade Show
    The trade show is SIBA’s major event of the year. Hundreds of companies exhibit books,sidelines, and other items of interest to booksellers under one roof for one weekend. Aside from the opportunity to meet with publishers and authors and learn about upcoming new books, SIBA produces two full days of educational sessions solely targeted to bookstores. Friday features a day-long schedule of sessions on a variety of topics geared towards everyone from the beginner bookseller to the seasoned veterans in the business. Topics are designed based on member input and requests, and produced in cooperation withthe American Booksellers Association. SIBA also facilitates one-on-one meetings between booksellers and industry professionals who can help with specific problems or concerns.
  • Spring Book Show
    The Spring Book Show is a Remainder book fair held annually in March in Atlanta, the most centrally located large city in SIBA territory. SIBA works with the Spring Book Show organizers to provides bookseller education at the show for attendees. SIBA stores gain valuable information about the remainder product category, as well as a chance to attend seminars and panels they may not have a chance to see at other times of the year.
  • Revivals
    The Revivals are SIBA’s way of taking the SIBA trade show on the road. 4-6 times a year, usually in the Spring, SIBA hosts a get-together at member bookstores throughout the south. These “Revivals” last about four hours, and are usually devoted to one topic—“getting authors for events” for example, or “effective publicity”. Lunch is provided by SIBA and often an author comes for the meal to talk about books. Time is also made for booksellers to exchange ideas and information among each other.
    Any store can host a revival. Bookstores often use revivals not only to share information and their own expertise, but to get feedback on their own store layout and programs.