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SIBA Helps You Sell More Books!
Marketing Programs for SIBA Members

SIBA’s marketing initiatives are designed to extend the shelf life of favorite Southern books, allowing bookstores to sell more copies over a longer period. SIBA provides bookstores with professional-quality materials and a comprehensive publicity campaign to generate word-of-mouth buzz among the media, the book industry, and among readers.

  • Southern Indie Bestseller List
    SIBA works with the American Booksellers Association and Indiebound to generate a weekly list of bestsellers specific to the South.The Southern Indie Bestseller List is distributed to all SIBA members, promoted to the region’s newspapers and media, and archived on SIBA’s websites. The Southern Indie Bestseller listis printed in dozens of newspapers and is carefully watched by publishers, who love to see their books climb up the lists. More regionally distinctive than national bestseller lists, the Southern Indie Bestseller List is used by SIBA stores for displays and promotions.
  • SIBA Book Award
    Each year, hundreds of booksellers across the South vote on their favorite “hand-sell” books of the year. These are the “southern” books they have most enjoyed selling to customers; the ones that they couldn’t stop talking about. The SIBA Book Award was created to recognize great books of southern origin. The winning books are promoted to the media, included in the SIBA-produced holiday gift catalog,and featured on SIBA’s websites and blogs. SIBA also produces in-store signage for its booksellers to use in displays. All nominations must come via a SIBA bookseller—making the SIBA Book Award a true “readers’ choice” award and one of the most well-known awards for Southern literature . Books are nominated in several categories, including fiction, nonfiction,poetry, cooking, young adult, and children’s. For a book to be eligible, it must be set in the South and/or the author must be Southern (preferably both!). It must have been published within the previous calendar year.
  • Holiday Gift Catalog
    SIBA coordinates with publishers to produce a consumer gift catalog for its members so that they can make the most of the fall holiday shopping season. These catalogs are professionally designed, full-color, and feature titles of regional interest. Catalogs are imprinted with your store logo so they appear to come directly from your shop. They are absolutely free in any amount to SIBA members. Every catalog promotes the winners of the SIBA Book Award and as well as titles specifically requested by SIBA bookstores. Approximately 1.5 million catalogs are distributed to shoppers each fall holiday season.